“- A reason, is something I have long forgotten.”

The black magus answered, submerging into himself.

It is a tale from ages past. You cannot save all of humanity. As long as one lives, there will always be those who are uncompensated. It is impossible for all of humanity to be happy. If that is true – then what of those who were not saved? What is the compensation for their lives?

There is no answer. The infinite and the finite are equivalent. The ones who could be saved would not be disgorged, had it not for those who were unsaveable. If that is true – then salvation is no different from a currency which simply passes on from one to another.

Humanity cannot be saved. The world cannot hope to be saved. Thus, I thought of recording the deaths. Recording until the very end of the story, recording until the end of the world, examining them from the start to the very end. From there, it can be made distinct – just what is happiness?

Those who are not compensated, and those who are not saved; if it was possible to look upon them in their entirety from the beginning – then it might be possible to make distinct this thing called happiness. If, after the world is ended, this event could be understood as the meaning of humanity – then even those who died meaninglessly can be given a general meaning.

Therefore, at the closing of the world, man can examine the worth of humanity.

That – is the only all-encompassing salvation.


“The world – ? You’re wrong, Araya. It wasn’t the primates’ counter-force which thwarted you this time. You did really well. The counter-force did not act. There was only one thing which ruined Araya Souren. You lost to just one person – Enjou Tomoe, and his worthless love for his family.”


“Isn’t it strange, Araya?

You were born with the same name as the thing which became what you, in your entire life, regarded as your enemy. Despite this, you never found out, and no one around you ever explained on this matter. How malicious a trap this was, from the world. Do you understand, Araya? This time, there were many paradoxes – however, as the one who ruled over it all, you yourself were the greatest paradox of all!”


“Araya, what is it that you seek?”

“- True wisdom.”

The arm of the black magus broke apart.

“Araya, where do you seek it?”

” – Solely, within oneself.”

His cloak scattered, and his upper body took to the wind.

Aozaki Touko watched over all of this.

“Araya, where is your goal?”

Araya collapsed. With only a mouth, his words disappeared without becoming speech.

– You know full well. At the close of this paradoxical world –



    • CanonRap

      Well, thanks to the BL discussion, I’m wondering how this scene will be done in English. I’m not too familiar with English VA’s so I don’t know if there’s anyone who can get the same feel as Nakata Jouji…

      • Curtis

        It’s getting localized? Whoa.

        I seem to recall that the novels were licensed a couple years ago as well, but nothing seems to have ever come of it. I guess they figured Nasu’s writing would be as easy as shounen manga… lol

      • CanonRap

        Oh no, I don’t think it’s getting an English release, the discussion was just a what-if.

        It is a bit sad that they got the license but aren’t doing anything with it.

  1. rerma212

    Good job!! but can I ask you something? this chapter is in which volume & which chapter of kara no kyoukai? I search in baka-… but can’t find a clue.

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