Enter Project.

On a street covered in pure white snow, a number of trucks were parked in single file.

The spiky-haired boy, Kamijou Touma was riding on one of them. The inside of the truck was filled with the smell of meat and sauce. The mage girl Lessar, sitting beside him, was looking for something, rummaging in a paper bag belonging to an international fast food chain. It seems that the ongoing war hasn’t affected the distribution of goods yet.

Putting a sauce-dipped nugget into his mouth, Kamijou said,

“Still, I hadn’t expected that even Russia would have a taste for this kind of thing. I’d thought there’d be some kind of Russia-excuslive Borscheburger or something like that.”

“Oh no, it’s quite convenient for the entire world to have the same taste, really. You will treasure it when you find that the local cuisine doesn’t match your taste.”


“Whoa, hey. That thing looks like a vaulting box – how’re you supposed to eat it without taking it apart?”

In particular, he didn’t think that you could even fit that much into the short girl’s small mouth, but,

“Oh, no worries. I pride myself on being able to fit my mouth around things so amazingly large they leave others agape – and please, feel free to imagine that in a somewhat indecent way.”

Speaking in her usual ambiguous way, Lessar bit into the triple-layer hamburger. The gigantic piece of food was squished down the middle by her mouth.

Immediately after,

something squirted out of the opposite end of the hamburger Lessar was biting into – a flying clump of ground beef that she couldn’t fit in. The juicy piece of patty impacted onto Kamijou’s uniform.


A brief silence descended.

Kamijou looked between his own clothes and Lessar’s face with an expression of utmost tragedy.

And then Lessar said,

“Cha, chance!! I’ll pay for it with my body!!”

“Why’re your eyes shining like stars?! And why’re you licking your lips?! You really don’t feel guilty at all, do you?!”


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