Interlude 5

“What is that frog strap hanging out from your jacket? Misaka asks this while brimming with curiosity.”

“Hm? It’s called Gekota. I got it from a cellphone ad campaign that I dragged that idiot to on September 30th.”

“…10032’s necklace, and this strap… it would seem the Academy City group always holds the advantage – Misaka suggests a revision of strategy. Man, long range is hard.”

“Um, what’s this strategy?”


“Well? What’s this weapon they’re using? They’ve been firing those short-range surface-to-air missiles for a while now – if it’s something like that they probably won’t budge it.”



“Misaka continues her explanation that this is the American designation. Misaka is listening carefully to the transmission’s details – it seems to be called ‘Opasnosti’ around here.”

“And? What is it?”

“Misaka reports that it is a strategic nuclear weapon manufactured by the former Soviet Union.”


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