Karen Bee

Then – Karen lunged with her fist.

Far from having recovered, she was still only halfway through with her fever. There was no way I could have missed a punch like that, and I dodged – and then her wrist twisted upwards.

It twisted up.

The next instant – I sailed through the air.


There wasn’t even time to be surprised.

With no time to shout, just barely enough time for an exclamation mark – my back struck the asphalt.


…I grabbed Karen’s ankle just as she kicked out – there, now that I have a hold of her, I should be able to overpower her. Forget about her hand – I can throw her just using her foot!


Karen having two feet became a matter of importance.

Ridiculously enough, using the leg I held on to as a pivot, she raised her other foot and brought it down on my side.

That hurt.


“Punching you hurts my hand more than it hurts you.”

“Don’t be stupid, the one hurting is the one getting punched – me.”


If I didn’t still have my recovery ability – the after-effects of my vampirism phenomenon – I might seriously be dead by now.


Again – Karen threw herself at me.

Tried to sweep me off my feet.

Thinking that after the trip, she would follow up with her foot, I jumped back to dodge it, but –

I couldn’t dodge the attack that came right after.

She raised her other leg up high, and swept down with her heel.

Wait, wasn’t that a Naeryeo Chagi?

There’s something wrong with your fighting style!


This time, Karen, lowering her leg after the Naeryeo Chagi, used the same leg to kick out at my chin using the tip of her feet. She must think I’m stupid enough to let a big fancy move like that hit me; I swayed back ever so slightly to dodge the attack – but what she did just now wasn’t an attack.

Karen kicked out again, one leg following the other, and her whole body was airborne.

And she landed on her palms.

A handstand.


Then – she spun.

With her legs split in a straight line, like a propeller.


I barely managed to put a guard up with my arms, but is there any point in protecting myself? It wasn’t much of a defense – actually, I got the feeling that all the damage was now concentrated on my arms.

It’s like I’m getting bludgeoned with a wooden bat.

Karen had probably spun about five times, so my arms were kicked ten times. They were completely numb. That’s some serious force coming from a handstand –

– and what the hell, I know this from a fighting game!

This isn’t Karate – it’s Capoeira!

“You, little-”

Unable to withstand much longer, I tried to grab Karen’s leg.

She had underrated how easily she could be taken down while doing an acrobatic move like that, and now was the time for a counter attack – so I had thought.

But it was like she was just waiting for me to try –

– and sunk her entire body to dodge my hand.

By lowering her body, she changed from a handstand to lying flat on the ground for a second. But then, using the asphalt as though it was ice – as though she was break-dancing, she continued to spin with the same force, using her back as a fulcrum and actually spinning even faster than before. She tried to trip me again – a sharp kick, like the cutting edge of a sickle.



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