(Rough) A certain vending machine’s fanfare

“…I’ll be restraining you now.”

Perhaps thinking it useless to continue speaking, Shirai Kuroko placed her hand on her opponent’s stomach with a thump –

Just like that, her opponent was teleported upside-down.

A restraint using metal darts to pin the opponent’s clothes onto the ground where they fell. That was simply all she had to.

As she had just arrived on the scene, most likely, she determined this to be the usual fight between Skill-Outs –

Troublesomely enough, in a number of ways, this man was someone who stood at the extreme opposite of a Level-0.

” ” ” ” ” Haaaaaa !” ” ” ” ”

His voice rang out, filled with willpower and fighting spirit, causing slight shock-waves to race out into his surroundings.

The air shook with a crackle, and the surrounding people stuffed their ears, not realising that it was already too late.

A mystery wave rushed out from the mouth of the upside-down man; using the shock-wave this created when it hit the ground, he spun in a circle and stood back up without even using his hands.

Without even needing to stretch his hands, he prevented his fall using only the recoil of his shout.

This was a scene which couldn’t possibly be anything but absurd to anyone unconnected to esper abilities; in any case, the result of him standing up was the truth.

“Well, suddenly being turned upside-down is pretty surprising – that’s what they call a ‘teleport’, eh?”

“…! You’re an esper… I don’t suppose you’ll mind if I used my full strength, then?”


“Ow-ow-ow… what was that? …Super speed… or time-stop…? No, you can teleport yourself, too, can’t you? That’s some guts right there! But I won’t accept ambushes. A man has to teleport his opponent, right in the face! Oh, but you’re a girl, so that’s fine…. is it fine?”


“Hey hey, don’t lump me with some gutless secret-keeper like that, ah? Now listen, my ability is…”

The mysterious man proudly thrust out his chest, as though about to answer without evading or hiding – err.

Knitting his brows, he asked the boy he knew that was standing to the side.

“My ability… how should I describe it?”

“Don’t look this way, and don’t get me involved! Besides, how the hell should I know?!”

“Hmm… yeah, it’s guts. My ability is! This infinitely swelling! WILLPOWER!”


“And you blew away that ‘cage’ from before… so maybe you’re the same type as him?”

“? Huh… hey, who’s this him she’s talking about?”

Sogiita asked the hidden boy taking a peek at the situation from the shadow of the vending machine,

“Don’t look this way, and don’t get me involved! Besides, how the hell should I know?!”

who simply replied with the same response as a few minutes earlier.


The amount of electricity weaving around Mikoto’s entire body rapidly multiplied –

“I see… if you’re challenging me and using me as a stepping stone, that means this him guy must have some incredible guts! Right then, I won’t run or hide! Come right at me with a ba…”

With the man in the white uniform still speaking – at the same time as the onomatopoeia, the Railgun crashed into him.


“Nawt baad, liddle gurl.”

Just as one would think he was slurring after taking a powerful strike –

Sogiita simply sounded like he was talking with something in his throat.

The instant they realised that it was the arcade coin that the Electromaster girl released at beyond the speed of sound, Haratani and the Tokiwadai Judgment member were lost for words. The blonde-haired Judgment member ground her teeth together with a squeak.

Spitting the arcade coin onto his palm, Sogiita stared intently at it.

And, after tilting his head slightly, he opened his mouth with a serious expression.

“Girl, there’s something I have to say to you.”

“W-What’s that? You finally feel like fighting back?”

To the Electromaster girl, breaking out in a cold sweat but putting on a bluffing smile, Sogiita said,

“This is a coin from the arcade… you’re not allowed to bring them out.”

“…” “…” “…” “…”

All those present fell into silence; amidst this, Sogiita, seemingly worrying for his opponent,

“I think you should return this before the shopkeeper gets mad. If you want, I could go and apologise together with you.”

An instant later Harutani, hiding in the shadow of the vending machine, shouted at Sogiita.

“I’ve thought this for a while but I’m saying it now! You really are an idiot, aren’t you?!”


Pierced by these crashing words, Sogiita opened his eyes in shock.

“So… I’m an idiot…”

He hung his head, seemingly saddened for a moment; and then he pulled himself together, got his willpower back, and shouted again.

“Well, whether I’m a good thinker or not isn’t important! Don’t worry about it!”

“I do!”


Even now, this was not a decisive clash between true Level-5’s.

It was nothing more than a one-sided attack and a one-sided defense, a twisted battle.

Despite this, there was a flowing torrent of power. If Sogiita Gunha counter-attacks with his full strength, then regardless of the victor, she should prepare herself for when this entire park is blown away.


A lightning strike was released from the hand of Mikoto. It was a nonsensical scene as a mirage-coated fist punched it into the ground.



The barrage of lightning strikes were forcibly twisted to the ground due to Sogiita’s mysterious shock-waves. As he had announced, he did not once counter-attack against Mikoto, but all the same, it seems that he was beginning to take damage from the heat.

“Punching electricity to the ground, how does that even work?! You really are the same type as him, aren’t you?!”

“Allow me to explain! Via telekinesis, I concentrate the Earth’s magnetic lines of force into my hand, using this dielectric magnetism’s repellent force to reject your electrical currents! I call it, AURORA GUAAAAAAARD!”

Upon Sogiita’s strange speech, the boy, caught by Kuroko and now talking to someone in the shadow of the vending machine, turned towards him for an instant and shouted.

“I told you, that’s impossible! Don’t go coining weird terms like dielectric magnetism!”

“What?! …Then how am I punching lightning into the ground?”

Sogiita looked at his own fist in wonder, as a vein in Mikoto’s temple pulsed.

“Is this really the time to be a joker? Anyway, it feels wrong to go one-sided like this, so start fighting back!”

“Words already spoken cannot be turned back!”

Seeing Sogiita’s strong nod, Mikoto’s face became even stiffer –


“Oh ho… I can imagine what you’re doing, and I can definitely expect it to really hurt if it hits directly, so I’ll have to show some guts here and put up a Guard with all my might…”

A smile without enmity appeared on his face – together with his fighting spirit, a mysterious shock-wave whirled around Sogiita.



With colourful explosions of red, green, and yellow on his back, Sogiita’s attack met the lightning strike.

The incredible collision raced around, mercilessly cutting a swath through the park’s trees –


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