The true strength of the seventh of the seven


And after that, the mysterious shadow rose imposingly. This entire exchange occurred in a mere three seconds. <>

“Opening fire like that without even giving a signal – looks like you guys really just don’t got the guts. Or maybe it’s a patience thing? Were you impatient?

“Why the hell, aren’t you dead…?”

“It’s guts, man, guts!!”

“There’s gotta something more than that, right?!”

“Well, all right, I guess I should mention that I’m Sogiita Gunha, Number Seven, the seventh Level-5 of Academy City, but forget that – what we’re discussing here is guts, the way I boil over, like an uncontainable raging storm!!”


“Number Seven out of seven – doesn’t that mean he’s the weakest Level-5?”


“Sorry, I farted!!”

“Wait – what?! Can you not listen to people when they talk?! Look, like I was saying, uh, where was I? Ah, right. Cough. To stand before I, the visceral-crushing Yokosuka, means,”


“I said listen to me dammiaaargle?!”


“Wai – cough… what… what the hell was that…?”

“AhaHA! That, was the pinnacle of Academy City’s Number Seven. By creating a wall of unstable telekinetic energy before me and using my own fist to stimulate and destroy it, it becomes a killer long-range telekinetic explosion. This. Is. My. ATTACK CRAAAAAAASHH!!”

And so, a new truth was publicly revealed, like a meteorite.

However, Haratani quietly said,

“No, that shouldn’t be possible.”


“If you just stimulate a field of unstable telekinetic energy, it shouldn’t have this kind of reaction. One of my electives was something like this when I went through my Power Development Curriculum; I know a thing or two.”



An awkward silence visited upon both ass-kicker and ass-kickee.

Sogiita Gunha blinked, lowering his gaze to his own clenched fist.

“So how is it shooting what I’m shooting, exactly?”

“Hoooooooooold it!! That’s ridiculous!! How can you be so sketchy with your own killing move?! Think about how it feels on the receiving end, damn it!!”


“If you think that’s gonna work agahhhhh?!”


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