Union Jack.


The stout mercenary responded to his shout.

Kamijou kicked off the ground, jumping a height of a few dozen centimetres; in the gap between him and the ground, Acqua thrusted and drove in the great sword Ascalon. Kamijou landed on his feet on the side of the giant sword, like riding a surfboard.

Kamijou and Acqua had not even exchanged words, much less held a strategic meeting.

They did not have the time to spare and, even though it was unspoken, what needed to be done was clear.

Having come this far, words on the surface were no longer necessary. Kamijou’s entire body showed his readiness, that this was how he thought; this is the very reason why Acqua, receiving the weight of this resolution, would lend his strength to one he had formerly opposed.


Expelling a short breath, Acqua carved a horizontal curve with Ascalon with all his might.

Even though he was injured, this was still the full power of a Saint – one of not even twenty in the entire world. It was clear what would happen to Kamijou, standing on the side of the sword.

Boom! An explosion sounded.

Kamijou Touma’s body, with the physical strength of Acqua behind it, shot out like a cannonball.


In that instant, Carissa was – without any form of exaggeration – lost for words.

Control of the Original Curtana, still on the brink of rebellion, had not returned to her yet. And now, the boy with the right hand capable of dispelling any and all magic, was slipping through the gaps between his many allies, and breaking through to her in a straight line.

Was there even 0.1 second left before impact?

However, in that single instant, the Second Princess Carissa definitely saw.

The strong smile that was on the face of Kamijou Touma, as he gripped his fist mightily, powerfully.

With a loud bang.

Kamijou’s fist, piercing through more than thirty metres in a single bound, struck directly onto Curtana.

The Original Curtana – the sword which crowns the King – was shattered in a single strike.

Carissa did not have the luxury of confirming this.

The fist which shattered the sword now turned to her face, running into it mercilessly.

Just like the clashing of strung-up metal balls, this time it was Carissa who, receiving his momentum, was blown into the night sky like a cannonball. Colliding into the edge of the roof of the collapsing Buckingham Palace, Carissa rebounded, her course twisted, and she flew further and further away.

An unpleasant noise can be heard as Kamijou’s wrist, elbow, and shoulder dislocated at the same time.

However, even before his face was twisted into an expression of pain, his body moved another ten metres before finally landing. Of course, he could not land flatly on his two legs, and more or less rolled his way to a stop, bouncing two, three times.

(Is… is it, over…?)

Kamijou, covered in wounds, tried to speak, but he could only groan.

There was a high-pitched ting.

When he looked, he saw the top half of the broken sword, its tip buried in the black earth which had been plowed through by many attacks. As he watched, it seem to weather and began to crumble, disappearing as though carried off by the night wind.

The Original Curtana has been lost.

It signified the defeat of Carissa, the Second Princess, and at the same time, an end to this long coup d’etat.


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