The Imagine-Breaker.

“If you want to bend a spoon, just use a bench; if you want a fire, just buy a 100-yen lighter. Even if you don’t have telepathy, there’re cellphones, right? Is a super-power really that special?”

These are the words of Kamijou Touma, branded by Academy City’s body-check scanners as a useless ‘Power-less’.

“Besides, everyone’s just weird. It’s like they’re satisfied by some byproducts like Level-5’s. Isn’t our objective supposed to something beyond that?”

Against this, the Level-5 girl, one of only seven in the entire city, twisted the edge of her lips.

“What? …Ah, that. What was it again? ‘Humans cannot calculate God. Thus we must first achieve a body beyond humanity. Otherwise we cannot reach the answer of God.’ Something like that?”

The girl laughed scornfully.

” – Ha, that’s a good joke. What’s this ‘Brain of God’, exactly? Hey, did you know? About how my analysed DNA map is being used to develop the Sisters originally meant for military uses. Doesn’t that seem like a byproduct more palatable than this ‘objective’?”

Oh, that was too much – the girl abruptly stopped talking.


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