“Good. I like you. Perhaps I will carefully pamper you later.”

“Pamper?! Would that be in a sexual way?”

“Weeeeell, that will depend on your approach… hm hm….”

Cu gently placed her hand on my cheek while saying this. With a soft touch, she slowly dragged a finger from my face to my lips…

“Here. Bark for me. I might pamper you for it, you know?”

“W, Wha?!”

Amazing! It’s incredible how much she looks like a queen with that expression in her eyes!!

“Well, that is what I would like to do, but we should stop.”

“But why?! And you were getting my hopes up, too!”

“I think it is a shame as well. By all rights, the safest method would be to bind and contain you, keeping you imprisoned until the time comes. But those under me dislike that sort of play. I will not press further this time.”

“Under you? There are others with you?”

“Yes. Come out, Ezekiel.”


“It’s, a girl…?”

In the centre of a fluttering pale light, like that of a firefly, a long-haired girl floated.

“Materialisation complete. Exekiel has switched over to Avatar Mode.”

Finally, the girl quietly opened her eyes – a lovely voice resounded, like the ringing of a bell.

Her emerald-coloured hair and short skirt floated lightly even though there was no wind. Her eyes were clear and refined, like a lake protected by the dark green.

Without a thought, my heart was stolen from me by this wondrous scene.

Ah… what,

What beautiful, shima-pan


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