Tsubasa Tiger

I said it.

Rather than a proclamation,

it should be called a declaration of war.

“If you try to bring more harm to my mistress than you already have — I’ll kill you nya.”

`…I see.`

My words were accepted.

The Tiger – silently, nodded, as though in consent.

As though digesting it.

As though chewing it – really biting into the meat.


`I thought I recognised you from somewhere… you, are that girl. So you are — possessing that girl.`

“I’m not possessing her nya — that might be the case if I was a real Hindering Cat. I’m like the person herself.”

I lightly explained it to the Tiger who seem to finally remember who I, or rather, who Mistress is. If I don’t explain it at about now, it wouldn’t be understood nya — even that specialist, that aloha bastard doesn’t know everything.

No one knows the truth about abnormalities nya.

“We became the same, or no, it’s more correct to say we became one nya. I am Mistress, Mistress is me — the main personality is of course Mistress, but the main initiative is, surprisingly, with me at times. Because I’m the part that makes up Mistress’ mind’s fundamental, primeval basis nya.”

`Hmph. That is of no difference.`

The Tiger said it again.

It’s not like I want to be liked, but I do want people to be interested in me.

`An abnormality that supports a human. That is — hardly rare. However, an abnormality like you should understand it best. The special characteristic of an abnormality cannot be repressed. It is the problem of the one who saw.`


`Your ‘Mistress’ saw me — that is all that matters.`

The Tiger said.

And — glared at me.

I jumped in an instant nya.

Oh crap, I thought — it felt like it was going to go straight into a battle.

This guy’s terrifyingly violent — terrifyingly short-tempered —

So, I jumped.



It wasn’t just a step backwards; it was much more bold, a jump with all my strength — as though truly a flight, as though surpassing a mountain.


after five minutes of flight time, I landed, rolling, outside the city; right before me was one who somehow managed to arrive before me —

It was the Tiger.



`It is futile. The woman — that woman saw me. That is the only crucial point, that is the only important point. I have — already begun.`

If what I did was a declaration of war,

then what the Tiger said was like an ultimatum.


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