In the end, there was no end to war.

It had become an age where development had reached the remotest corners of the planet called the Earth, where some among the powers that be could launch shuttles using high-powered lasers and build resorts on the surface of the moon. It would appear, however, that this progress had yet to cover the gap between the hearts of human beings. The ergogenic business of selling digital “healing” and “spirituality” and such was hardly rare as it were but in the end, on a fundamental level, humanity could not remove from its own psyche the mechanism of strife.

Was the arrival of new weaponry changing the rules of battle considered a perfunctory salvation, or lamented as a further level of degeneracy, by a mankind which continued to be remain unchanged?

Oh yes, there were changes.

Even for they who would become entranced by the worthless killing amongst themselves, there were changes.

The ultra-heavy weapon — the ‘Object’.

This new weapon, measuring 50 meters with its main body alone and boasting an even greater size with the length of its guns included, had with its introduction overwritten all previous practices of war. It is now even said that, rather than having the many soldiers kill each other directly on the battlefield, using them for the sake of inserting this most powerful ‘Object’ into battle in its top condition would be more meaningful.

The tank, the fighter — the main players up until this point, now known as “last-generation weapons.”

Regular automatic weapons, shells and missiles — treated as mere peashooters.

That was the degree by which the combat strength of the ‘Object’ outstripped them.

The certain island nation which first presented this weapon became feared by the rest of the world, and the victim of an all-out surprise offensive directed against the experimental ‘Object’ by a coalition of fourteen nations — all of which were repulsed. The Pacific suffered a nuclear attack in the last phase of the war, but the scene of the ‘Object’ — with half its body melting like ice under the hot sun — continuing to sink coalition ships with its remaining weaponry can be found in history textbooks.

Add to that the fact that said island nation continued to reign at the forefront of ‘Object’ development, and one could understand just how powerful an existence the ‘Object’ is.

Unsurprisingly, the ‘Object’ became synonymous with war.

So —

What of all the others involved?


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