Nekomonogatari (White) : 012

Now would be a good time to talk a little about Araragi-kun.

The story of Araragi Koyomi.

The story of Araragi Koyomi, Senjougahara-san’s boyfriend, and my friend.

I knew about Araragi-kun since before spring break, actually — I don’t know everything, but I knew about Araragi-kun.

It seemed that he did not realize this himself, but he was quite the celebrity at Naoetsu High School.

He not only stood out.

Frankly, he looked like he stood in a police lineup.

He would always be eager to treat me as a celebrity, but looking at Araragi-kun, he looked to be in much the same situation.

Perhaps it would be more correct to say that he was feared.

Yes, feared.

Just as I disliked being treated as an honor student, he disliked being treated as a delinquent, but, well, if there was a student who took days off as he pleased, attended classes and took tests halfheartedly, at times not taking them at all, then I couldn’t possibly be the only one who thought of him in that way.

After we became friends and I asked him, or rather, casually investigated about the details, it would seem that, in terms of what Araragi-kun did when blowing off school or neglecting classes and tests, it was pretty much the same as what he did during spring break or Golden Week.

He became a vampire during spring break as though it was nothing. His life did not change completely because he became involved with the abnormalities, rather, he had been Araragi Koyomi all along.

Even the acts of the Fire Sisters, Karen-chan and Tsukihi-chan, of which he would bitterly complain about while wearing a terrible expression, were similarly treated as though they were nothing, nothing more than a rehash of his own time in middle school.

No, from what those two tell me, when he had been in middle school Araragi-kun was much more dangerous. His extracurricular activities brushed against laws. No, it wasn’t even an exaggeration to say that he fought against those laws directly. I could hardly believe he managed to live to become a high schooler, and it made my amazement evolve into admiration.

Although it did seem to be true that, while Araragi-kun had done much the same thing in both middle school and high school, there was a great difference in the source of his motivation.

What happened? On this point, he had obstinately refused to talk about it ever since spring break, and currently none of his friends, including me, knew, but it would seem that Araragi-kun had some sort of mental turning point when he was in the first year of high school.

You could say it was the reason why he “became a failure”, as he would put it.

…He exaggerated it on purpose, so perhaps it was nothing more than the fact that he stopped studying. There was no law stating that a person’s mentality could only change with great incidents.

Whether he intended on changing or not, Araragi-kun was still Araragi-kun.

Even if the aloof Araragi-kun I first met had been the result of said change, he was still himself.

Regardless of how much he changed, he was still Araragi Koyomi.

So this was simply reminiscing on when Araragi-kun had been a middle schooler, when he had been more excitable, more active and hot-blooded — something that he himself had already forgotten. In this way, perhaps him becoming a high schooler and settling down was something normal.

Everything he did.

Was just.


Or perhaps.

Spring break, and Golden Week.

The cases with Senjougahara-san, with Hachikuji-chan, with Kanbaru-san, with Sengoku-chan, with Karen-chan, perhaps these were, to him, inconsiderable compared to what he had experienced in middle school.

And even now, on this very day, he was acting on something.

At some point, I fell in love with him — when, exactly, would be a story for another time.



    • yoshimoya

      No its after tsukihi pheonix because hitagi is the normal cheerful girl that overcame the trauma. That’s why hanekawa mentions her “rehabilitation” all the time cause she’s changed and more expressive .

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