Nekomonogatari (White) : 018

`A Hindering Cat… no, you are not. You are not a Hindering Cat. Yet you can be nothing else. You, what are you?`

The Tiger — the tiger so unrealistically gigantic, just looking at it messes with your sense of perspective — watched me and cocked its head, looking curious.

It’s a pretty rare thing to see nyah, a tiger cocking its head.

Makes me want to take a picture and upload it to my blog nyah.

“That’s not totally wrong nyah — actually, a small part of me is different, and my base is different, but, nyah, I’m not that different.”

I tried to appeal to it friendlily, and smiled as much as I could when I said this,

`Is that so? You seem utterly different to me — `

but the Tiger narrowed its eyes and its expression didn’t change nyah.


It’s no good to judge abnormalities based on what you see, but it looks like we’re not building a good relationship with our first impressions nyah.

` — The Hindering Cat as I know it, is a meager abnormality, with no sense of existence, at times there and at times not. But you — `

“Nyah — I can’t argue with that.”

I didn’t bother making a case against it.

A Hindering Cat doesn’t usually have a physical form nyah, so it’s probably more correct to call it a ghost story than an actual abnormality — besides, even if that’s not the case, from this guy’s point of view, most abnormalities probably look like they don’t really exist and sort of drift in and out.

I don’t need to point out that the tiger is a holy beast nyah.

“There’s a lot of different stuff, y’know. Even stuff like me nyah.”

`I see.`

The tiger nodded.

Not interested, nyah.

Like something like me just isn’t worth its time nyah.

`Well, something like you is hardly worth my time.`

It actually said it.

That’s just annoying nyah.

`Yet I must demand your purpose. As the same kind of abnormality, you must know the meaning of obstructing my path.`

“The ‘same kind’?”

This time, I cocked my head.

Me and it, we should have totally different origins as abnormalities — oh, that’s not what it means nyah.

Just, the same type of animal.

Cat and tiger — that’s probably what it means nyah.

Okay, okay.


I said.

“Of course I know — I’m not going to get in your way. Last thing on my mind nyah. I’m not really the thinking type, but I know my place nyah.”

`You certainly are not the thinking type — the doubt remains whether you understand your own position.`

This tiger is being really rude.

But it sure talks a lot for not being a humanoid abnormality nyah.

Actually makes me feel more uneasy.

`Well, then why do you stand there?`

“I’m just here to announce something nyah — I don’t care why you came to this city, or why you’re here now. You should just do what you want, do whatever it is you’re meant to do. Whatever that‘s supposed to be, nyah, that’s not worth my time. That’s how we abnormalities are. But,”

I said.

It shouldn’t be called an announcement.

It should be called a declaration of war nyah.

“If you try to hurt Mistress more than you already have — I’ll kill you nyah.”

`…I see.`

It accepted my words.

The Tiger – silently, in consent, it nodded.

Digesting my words.

Chewing them over – really biting into the meat.

It nodded.

`I thought I recognized you from somewhere… you. You are her. So you — are you possessing that girl?`

“I’m not possessing her nyah — maybe if I were a real Hindering Cat. But I’m like the person herself.”

The Tiger finally remembered who I am, nyah, who Mistress is, and I explained a bit. If I don’t explain it now, it wouldn’t understand nyah — even that specialist Aloha doesn’t know everything.

No one knows the truth about abnormalities nyah.

“We became the same, nyah, it’s better to say we became one. I am Mistress, and Mistress is me — she’s the main personality, of course, but I actually have the initiative sometimes. Because I’m the part that makes up her mind’s fundamental, primeval basis nyah.”

`Hmph. That means nothing to me.`

The Tiger said it again.

I don’t care if I’m liked or not, but I do want this guy to pay more attention to me nyah.

`An abnormality that supports a human. That is — hardly rare. However, an abnormality like you should understand it best. The traits of an abnormality cannot be repressed. It is the problem of the one who saw.`


`That ‘Mistress’ of yours saw me — that is all that matters.`

The Tiger said,

and — glared at me.

I jumped in an instant nyah.

I thought something was wrong — it felt like we were going straight into a fight.

This guy’s terrifyingly violent — terrifyingly short-tempered —

So I jumped.

I jumped,

and flew.

I didn’t just take a step backwards, but did something much bigger, a full-power jump — like really flying, like really overcoming mountains.


after five minutes of flight time, I made a rolling landing outside the city, and right in front of me, who knows how it managed to get ahead of me —

It was the Tiger.



`All futile. She — that girl saw me. That is the only crucial point, that is the only important point. I have — already begun.`

If mine was a declaration of war,

then the Tiger’s was like an ultimatum nyah.



  1. elenrod

    I’ve read this already from your snippets, but now that it’s been put in context, it’s a thousand times more awesome.

    Thank you thank you thank you.

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