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Fate/Apocrypha 3 – Chapter 3 (Part 1)

He had told them everything that he could – and while he did not obtain the full consent of all three Servants, they promised to at least maintain the present situation. In other words, if the Servants of the Black camp were to assault them, they would protect the Hanging Gardens and the Holy Grail. As long as they could fulfill this, it mattered little even if they did not accept Shirou as their Master.

In a way, he had just overcome the greatest gauntlet. Heroic Spirits could be proud creatures, capricious, noble – and utterly without hesitation. It would not have been strange for one of them to have killed him on the spot when he revealed his identity and his seizure of the Masters’ rights.


He lowered himself onto the throne where Semiramis normally sat, and gazed upwards at the lofty ceiling. It was not yet time to relax, but he could not hide the relief he felt within.

“So, how find you the sensation of sitting upon a throne, Master…?’

How long had she been there? Assassin materialised besides him. Shirou excused himself and began rising from the throne, but the Servant placed a hand on his shoulder and gently pushed him back down. Circling around to his back, she whispered into his ear.

“You may continue… Well? How does it feel to be King? Do you see, in your mind, a host of heroes before you, bowing their heads in subservience? Rather pleasurable, is it not? Does the pride of being an absolute ruler not rise within you? Would you not drink deeply of the euphoria of utter domination?”

Wordlessly, Shirou shook his head. Holding her hand on his shoulder, he stood up.

“No, not at all. I don’t think I am suited to commanding others. This was meant for you.”

Although looking somewhat displeased, the Empress lowered herself onto her throne.

“What a bore… it would only be fitting for one who declared himself to be my Master to claim the entire world.”

“And if he did do so, you would destroy him. The world does not need two rulers, after all.”

Said Shirou coolly, and Semiramis clicked her tongue without the slightest hint of apology.

“Tch.. so you realised it.”

As Shirou had said, it was Semiramis who would sit upon the throne in the end. He would execute his plan, save mankind – and that would be it. With salvation being his sole objective, he had no thoughts for what laid beyond.

“So why not take up the crown then?”

“I’ll decide that once I’m there.”

Shirou laughed and excused himself to look to the Greater Grail. As he left the room, the beautiful visage of the Empress showed a hint of gloom.

“Good grief… truly, those without want are most difficult to deal with. To think he would have no interest in wealth, power, or even a woman.”

Men were mere playthings to Semiramis, the Empress of Assyria. The ones who had been lured by her words and robbed of everything were beyond count. Amidst all of it, she allowed only herself to exist as a ‘woman’. The world needed its fertile wombs to bear the children, of course – but it was her sole province to act as a woman and do as she pleased with any man. From the start, that was the only way for her to survive.

She still remembered the moment shortly after her birth. She could vaguely recall the form of the woman who had abandoned her and hurriedly escaped to the river. It was the fish-goddess Derketo, who had committed adultery with a Syrian man and bore her as a daughter. She had called Semiramis a shame – a humiliation for being the product of a mortal. It was only later in her life that Semiramis realised what a fool her mother had been. After all, Derketo had failed to resist the charms of a mere man.

Semiramis had been left to die by her mother, and her father’s life was ended by the same. However, Derketo had bestowed a single gift upon her – for within Semiramis flowed divine blood. She adapted to the riverside and her cries drew doves who would care for her. Surrounded by endless wings, they came together to keep her warm when she shivered in the cold, and obtained milk from other sources with which to feed her. Those dauntless wings protected her from wind and rain and raised her.

Ten years later, she was discovered by a shepherd and brought into the human world – but her inner nature had already been set. Her foster parent taught her how to perform dances, and to beautify her appearance – but these were merely weapons and techniques by which she would survive in the world.

All women deserved her hatred – for they were weak and could not help being toyed with by men, and not even goddesses would receive her mercy.

All men deserved her contempt – for they were brutes of primal urges who degrade women, and whose only merit was being made playthings of by her.

That was her philosophy and understanding of the world. In that case, how should she interpret her own Master, Shirou Kotomine – Amakusa Shirou Tokisada?

“Neither a woman nor a man… what a perplexing existence.”

He could not be ensnared by seductive smiles, and swiftly retreated from the allures of authority. Humans beings were creatures of want, yet the boy possessed none for himself – and his desire for the salvation of mankind could hardly be reduced to mere greed. If she were to categorise him, she would place him beyond any doubt among the insane. It was exactly for that reason that Assassin found herself simply enjoying standing by this Master.

Perhaps he would be rewarded for his obsession of sixty years – that would be fine.

However, if he were to find himself lacking in the end and fail – then that would be interesting in its own right. Seeing the despair and fall of a Saint who could not grasp his dream would be worthy entertainment.

“Which of the two would be more amusing, I wonder…?”

The Assassin chuckled as she vanished, as her Hanging Gardens of Babylon continued to sail across the Romanian skies, unseen by mundane eyes.

* * *

The Greater Grail maintained its incorruptible brilliance as it had always done. Some amount of prana had been spilled when it was ripped from the ley lines, but it would not prove to be a problem.

Amakusa Shirou Tokisada knew this Grail well. The Tohsakas had abandoned the Holy Grail and attempted a different approach to reach the Root; meanwhile, the Makiris had decayed, passing down knowledge of the Grail only as an oral tradition. Shirou had managed to buy the information from both of these families. Naturally, he could obtain nothing at all from the Einzberns, who had yet to abandon the Holy Grail, but what he had learned was information necessary to understanding its composition and system of functions.

The Greater Grail spent sixty years absorbing prana and used it to cut open a path that would lead to true Magic – opening a hole that would lead outside the world.

There was a place outside the world, where it was said that almighty power and ultimate truths could be discovered. It was called Akasha, the Swirl of the Root, and it was the goal of all Magi though nearly every one of them would fail in reaching it. From one generation to the next, they passed on their dreams and hopes – but it was a hopeless path in the end, as evidenced by the first lesson for all Magi: “learning to give up”.

Related to this, he had also read of a “back” to the world – the underside, an alien realm where phantasmal beasts which had already disappeared from the world now reside.

In any case, the granting of wishes was merely a side effect of the Holy Grail. Its true nature was a tool to bore a hole through the world, fueled by the sacrifice of Heroic Spirits of the past. And there was only one task left to perform.

Before he realised it, his hands were sweating.

The twin hands of Amakusa Shirou Tokisada, who had brought about many miracles, had sublimated into his Noble Phantasms – his right hand, Evil Eater and his left hand, Xanadu Matrix. Although they were Noble Phantasms, they merely acted to support him.

His right hand – the Predation of Immorality – supported him in battle with abilities such as precognition.

Meanwhile, his left hand – the Foundation of Divine Blessing – strengthened himself.

These were not powers he originally wielded. Instead, his Noble Phantasms caused them to manifest as “miracles”. Although they were universally effective in all situations, Shirou would only be a second-rate Servant if summoned normally, as he lacked the crucial ability to decide a battle. And while a Noble Phantasm that stopped one’s aging was rare, it was hardly useful in combat.

Yet it was due to these very two Noble Phantasms that Shirou would be able to make the most reckless of challenges.

“I can do it… I will. Those seventeen years, and these sixty years… I’ll use all my nerves, all my cells, all my muscles, and all the power I possess.”

The boy turned his back on the Greater Grail. Unfortunately, the situation was not perfected to the point that he could deploy his full strength right now. There was one more piece remaining; he simply needed to wait, and endure.

And so the Great Holy Grail War came to a conclusion, for a time. The Greater Grail had been stolen from the Yggdmillennias; their key Servants, Vlad III and Siegfried, had both fallen; and Frankenstein and Avicebron were no more. The Assassin of Black had fully became an enemy of both camps, reducing the fighting force of the Black side to essentially Chiron and Astolfo.

However, the Ruler of this war, Jeanne d’Arc, stood by them – as did Mordred, their mutual benefactor. Finally, aside from these four Servants, they had one last Joker to play in the fragile Saber of Black, who would only take form for three minutes, three more times.

On the other hand, the Red camp had a crushing advantage in not only the quantity, but also the quality of Servants. In addition, they were encased within the autonomous mobile fortress that was the Hanging Gardens. The side with the fewer captains were being forced to besiege them, on top of breaking through to victory in as short a time as possible.

Looking purely at the balance of factors, the situation was stacked heavily against the Black camp. However, it was not yet time for the Red camp to lower their guard. After all, regardless of the side they stood on, Servants were heroes of famous myths and legends – and a hero was only awarded the title by overcoming any and all obstacles. There was no doubt that the Servants of Black would engage them once again to decide this war.


Fate/Apocrypha 3 – Chapter 2 (Part 4)

Gordes was feeling agitated. This was nothing new to him, but it was not quite the same as usual this time.

“I’m sorry… there’s nothing more that I can do.”

Said the disheartened homunculus, and his patient who was lying on the ground patted his arm.

“Don’t worry about it. You’ve done your best.”

The other homunculus said somberly, her tone as that of someone facing her own death. The scene irritated Gordes immensely.

The homunculus lying on the ground was one of the prana provision types that were kept in tanks. Born defective, they were meant to spend their existence without ever coming out, only rotting away…

Fools! Damned fools, the whole lot of them!

Gnashing his teeth, Gordes could finally bear no longer and rose to his feet.


Apparently noticing the approaching Gordes, the nursing homunculus tensed only for Gordes to ignore him, instead lowering himself and taking the pulse of the female homunculus lying on the ground.

“What are you…?”

Gordes tapped the girl’s arms and shoulders, then the collarbones, and nodded to himself in satisfaction. Commanded to open her mouth, the homunculus did so despite herself. Gordes made a sound of contempt and explained.

“You simpleton. In case you could not tell by looking, her respiratory organs are undeveloped… there are ventilators set up inside the prana tanks. Bring one here, now.”


Gordes glared at the bewildered homunculus, daring him to speak another word. With a flustered “Right away!” he ran down the hallway.



“Why? Why are you helping us? Weren’t we just batteries to you?”

The homunculi knew that, while not nearly as cruel as Celenike and Roche whom treated them as breakable toys and test subjects, Darnic and Gordes viewed them merely as things.

“You still are, even now, but… argh! If you saw a human making a fool of himself at cleaning, wouldn’t you want to correct them? It’s just like that. Anyone would be annoyed by someone trying to clean a bathtub with a vacuum cleaner!”

Gordes was a fair bit too old to be suddenly developing love for his fellow man. This was merely the conduct of a veteran craftsman scolding his junior.

Shut up and pay attention!

“All that we have taught you are mending techniques to deal with external wounds, and simple ways of resisting mental domination. You could not possibly know how to heal a defective respiratory system. You never learned to.”

“I… I see.”

It was actually quite obvious. After all, it had taken the magi great effort simply packing in all of the most basic necessities into them.

“Are these what you were talking about?”

The homunculus who ran off returned carrying what resembled respirators under his arms.

“Yes. Give it here.”

Snatching it from his hands, Gordes pushed a hypodermic needle into the female homunculus’s vein, and connected it by a tube to a box of processed bone.

“What’s that…?”

“A tool to circulate oxygen and assist breathing. Here, put this on.

Some life returned to the girl’s face when she put on the mask over her mouth. Seeing this, Gordes said disinterestedly.

“Sorry to say, but you will be spending the rest of your life putting this thing on and off. You, uh… oh, never mind, whoever you are. You might as well start bringing the other homunculi in here. No doubt there are similar cases loitering about.”

The male homunculus could only blink, utterly lost.

“Are you sure…?”

“Feel free to reject my offer. You can go back to acting out your soap operas with them.”

Gordes said pompously, barbs on every word. The homunculus hesitated somewhat but decided to put the lives of his comrades first.

“Our lives in your hands.”

“Yes, of course they are. To think that fools who cannot even perform such simple tasks would try and seek their own lives!”

The impulse to punch Gordes in the face passed the homunculus’s mind. His fellow, lying on the ground with the breathing apparatus, thought much the same. Unfortunately, it did not change the fact that he represented their salvation. With an unconcealed sigh, the male homunculus began to carry in one patient after another.

The first one was very pale, his face drained of blood. He was clutching his abdomen, so Gordes inspected it and understood the issue.

“Most of his internal organs aren’t functioning. Adjust his magic circuits to act in their place. Next.”

“The signals from your brain are being reversed. Just think the opposite of what you want to do… right is left, down is up. Keep moving your body and your brain will be used to it within a month. Next.”

“The flesh is developing into gangrene. It’s impossible to heal completely, we have to put a restoration ritual into the body and keep it there. One of Darnic’s Mystic Codes should be capable of that. Go to his room and find it. No, wait… there are powerful defenses set up to intercept anyone not of the clan. I’ll have to retrieve it personally, then.”

Saying this, Gordes got to his feet. Although everyone in the castle aside from the Servants were already resting due to exhaustion, he gulped down a remedy of wakefulness and paced briskly down the hallways. A homunculus hastily followed him. It was the female who first spoke to Sieg and currently the de facto leader of the homunculi.

“What are you doing? You don’t need to come with me, it’s not too heavy to carry.”

“I do not understand. Why are you going so far for us?”

“I don’t understand it, either! How can I possibly understand this situation? It’s chaos, chaos! This is far from the world of mysteries unified by thaumaturgies… Servants, and Holy Grail Wars, and Greater Grails, curse it all! We’ve all been played for chumps!”

Gordes shouted as he walked down the hall. The homunculus placed the tip of her halberd by his ear in apparent frustration.

“Answer me properly.”

“I told you already… I don’t know. This was supposed to be a war for the Holy Grail! Then that madman, Shirou, blindsided us and took it! And he wants to use it to save humanity? Absurd! That was not what we sought after! We were supposed to conduct a noble battle using the crafts we have mastered and the heroes we have summoned! How did it come to this? Why did things go so wrong? Was it because Lancer lost? Or is it because of the Noble Phantasm of their Assassin? Or…”

“…is it because you pushed Siegfried to take his own life?”

Her quiet words finally put to stop to Gordes’s endless speech. She sighed and lowered her halberd.

“It was not my fault…”

“But it was. But at the very least, you believe that it was.”

“Quiet! I will not have a homunculus speak to me like this!”

She ignored this and affirmed to him once more.

“It was your fault…. but it wasn’t only your fault. It was by everyone’s own decisions, their own beliefs, their actions in accordance with their own wishes… it was all of these things coming together that led to the defeat of the Black camp. I do not believe that the future would have been changed simply by strengthening your bond with Saber.”

“Yet… I was still at fault.”

Gordes murmured into the cold air filling the hall. His hunched and despondent figure quickly lost all hints of arrogance.

From the start of this Great Holy Grail War till its end, this man had been nothing more than an observer. However much he claimed to be a magus, and a Master, it was not a conflict he could not have been capable of taking part in were not for his Servant. And now, in the midst of all of this confusion, the war itself had ended. As Gordes himself had said again and again – he was truly lost.

“You are right. So think about it from a different angle. Yes, you are arrogant, cocky, and a terrible human being. But as an alchemist, you are… not so bad.”

“Couldn’t you have picked your words a bit more…?”

“Well, you are hardly comparable with the Einzberns.”

At her prompt reply, Gordes fell into silence with a bitter expression.

There was a point in time when the Musik family had very nearly found themselves shoulder-to-shoulder with the Einzberns. However, that had been the height of their glory; they fell into decay afterwards.

“Hmph… well, no doubt that they’ll be spending the next few centuries pouring all of their efforts into a new Greater Grail. Our house of Musik will use that time to surpass them.”

It was practically fantasy. Although the power of the Einzberns had greatly declined from the loss of the Greater Grail, their techniques were beyond compare. The house of Musik would have to be blessed with gifted offspring like Gordes for three entire generations in order to close the gap.

“I see… in that case, begin by extending our lives. I think that you will find the birth of something new, then.”

However, it seemed that Gordes had decided to walk the harder path. After all, it suited his warped nature perfectly that he would reach out for a star which he knew he would never be able to grasp.

“I know that full well. Now, enough chatter, we have little time as it is. Let’s go get that Mystic Code, homunculus… oh, for God’s sake, enough is enough. Get yourself a name like Sieg… something easy to remember.”

The homunculus snorted, and replied with all the derision she could muster.

“It was our idiot of a parent who decided not to give us any names. Reason dictates that you should name all of the surviving homunculi, no?”


“And do not even think about giving us any poor names, or you will find this halberd carving off all of that useless blubber.”

Gordes ground his teeth and muttered under his breath – but unfortunately, he was dealing with a combat homunculus. Their lifespans might be short, but they were all the stronger at both physical and magical combat for it. In short, this homunculus was stronger than her creator.

“What a nightmare…! I should have added a function for unconditional obedience…”

Gordes moaned theatrically, and the homunculus’s lips began to curl slightly.

“I doubt that you are capable of that with your level of skill. But do not worry. As long as we are allies, I assure you that we will not harm you.”

As she said this, she gave him an overly friendly pat on the shoulder. Gordes thought to curse at her – but instead decided to save the heartiest of laughter for her deathbed.

In the end, Gordes did not sleep until he finished fixing all of the homunculi.

Fate/Apocrypha Vol. 2 + 3

Project thread:

Eternal Dreamer of NanoDesu Translations will do volume 2:

Volume 3 will be on this blog.

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Fate / Apocrypha
Volume 3
The Return of Triumphant Saints


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Chapter 4

[Poll] Next novel project

Well, it’s been a couple of months since I’ve done anything with novels (excerpts probably don’t count) and since I’ve been picking up my Neko White edits again on Baka Tsuki, I think it’s time for me to start another light novel project to keep up the pace.

I know most of you will ask for another Monogatari novel, hence the lack of choices up there, but leave comments anyway if you have other suggestions. Personally, I’m most interested in Otorimonogatari, but it will also be the most challenging as it is fairly complex compared to the more straightforward plot of Oni. Hana’s story wasn’t terribly interesting for me, but the characters were fun to read. So again, just vote for or suggest whatever you want, and I’ll see how it goes.

PS: In case you’re wondering why I’m jumping straight to Otori as my default, it’s because Kabuki, Koi and Tsuki all have translators who’ve made progress on them already. And I’m not even done reading the last two.

On Neko White and other plans

I think this is my 100th post or so on this site, which is as good a number as any to give an update.

First, I would like to thank you all for the support and comments during Neko White’s translation. Well, I call it a ‘translation’, and I do hope it’s good enough to be called that. If there is one thing I learned from working on this — one thing I couldn’t have found out without working on this — it is that this series truly is beyond my level as a translator. There were many, many segments which I wished I could have rendered better, or while retaining more of the subtext. I have tried my best, and I hope that my interpretation of this story has been both comprehensible and entertaining.

Which brings me to other point: I seriously doubt I will start working on another Monogatari novel any time soon. As much as I’d like to translate Kabuki, Otori or Koi, Neko White alone has been completely exhausting. To put it in perspective, I started to work on a translation of Gunslinger Girl halfway through Neko White 66 just to unwind, and I still finished the GSG chapter first.

So, I think what I need to do now is edit Neko White and add a sorely-needed Notes page to provide background on all those obscure references — hands up if you actually got the one about Comte de Lautreamont, I never even heard of the guy before — and while I am at it, I will probably upload it all onto Baka-Tsuki proper so that more editors (ie. other people not me) can get at it.

As for actual translating from here on, I’m quite interested in doing tankoubon releases of Gunslinger Girl as mentioned, beginning with volume 13. I’d also like to finished my snail-paced playthrough of Witch on the Holy Night/Mahoutsukai no Yoru (I’m almost done Chapter 1.5!) sometime before the actual holy night. And as I hear it, Fate/Apocrypha will be coming out at some point, which may be interesting.

tl;dr? If Shaft takes their time with Zenmonogatari (because I really don’t like translating stuff that’s already been adapted unless said adaptation is utter tripe) you may find a chapter of Kabukimonogatari — or Otorimonogatari, I’ll probably put it to a vote or something — waiting for you here a few months from now.

stl;dr? Come back at Christmas, I’ll have something then.

Nekomonogatari (White) : 006

There were two things I had not known.

The first was that you could see the house I lived in from the window of the classroom I studied in every day. It wasn’t as though I never had a chance to stand by the window and look outside.

Why did I not notice it?

Why did I not see it?

I had seen it, of course, but I didn’t consciously recognize it — basically, this was the reverse of the logic that “he who has suffered the aberrant is drawn to it”.

I think I might have pushed that house out of my own consciousness.

However, another thing I had not known was the unexpected amount of shock I would feel when that house burnt down — I was dumbstruck.

To the point where my mind went blank.

It was a terrible blow.

It seems Araragi-kun holds the misconception that, as a human being, I have a good hold of myself — but like others, I have my destructive impulses. Ever since we experienced that nightmarish Golden Week, he had placed too great an amount of trust in my humanity — or no, perhaps he had simply been turning a blind eye to it, surprisingly enough — but to be clear, I myself had wished countless times that ‘a house like this should just disappear’.

But I hadn’t thought that it would actually disappear.

Or that I would feel such a sense of loss when it did.

It was not affection of any sort.

I never even considered thinking of that place as my house — I may have said so by accident, but that was just a delusion.

However, it was the unshakable truth that emotions were once attached to that delusion.

Was that a good thing, I wonder?

I had been deluded.

Yes, that was the truth.

Or was it a bad thing?

Both seemed possible in their own ways, but at this point, it was too late for either.

After all, it had already been lost.

The house in which I had spent fifteen years,

was now lost for eternity.

Disregarding the fact that I had been late, I requested that I be allowed to leave early to Hoshina who of course approved and I ran home, despite not being Kanbaru-san, to find fire engines and spectators milling around the scene, the fire having already been put out.

The fire had been extinguished.

And everything was gone.

Not having spread to the neighboring houses, the fire burnt the house to ashes with nothing left standing.

This being extremely advantageous when collecting our fire insurance would be one cause for hope in this situation.

It was unpleasant, but it was also the most important matter.

Wait, that’s not right.

The most important matter was of course our safety — but there was nothing to be concerned with on that front. I was at school, and it was highly unlikely for the ‘other two’ whom I should call my parents to return home in the morning.

Of the three of us,

not a single one thought of this place as our home.

It was a place, not a home.

But I guess this means that the Rumba was burnt, and I mourned for automatic vacuum cleaner that had gallantly woken me up every morning.

I mourned for it, more so than for the house.

Now, aside from the Rumba, quite a lot of things were burnt, or rather, everything was burnt, but, well, as I was nothing more than a mere high schooler, I had not owned much in the first place, so in that regard there was no reason to be bothered.

I could say that all my clothes being burnt would be a bother, though.

Or perhaps it was the same for the ones whom I should call my father and mother — they probably had nothing important in the house, as well.

They probably left the things important to them at their working place.

I would think so.

This house,

was not a place to leave important things in.

They would be defiled.

Well, in any case, there were many things I had not known — and there were many things that, after the house burnt down, I realized for the first time.

Although I had not met him directly, perhaps this would be what that swindler, Kaiki Deishuu, would call a well-deserved lesson.

I don’t know.

I don’t care.

It didn’t matter whether I care or not — the fact that I had been cast out into the streets was certain.

And while there were places where I had gone to during days off, not because I wanted to but because I didn’t want to stay in the house, it would be a true blessing now to find a place where I could spend the night — in any case, thanks to this, the Hanekawa family will now have a family dialogue, something we have not had for a long time.


No, even I can imagine that this sort of thing is not called ‘dialogue’ in a normal family.

This isn’t anything like a family meeting.

We exchanged our opinions.

It was not interaction.

Naturally, many troublesome formalities resulted from our house having been just burnt down — but as of right now, even the reason for the fire was completely unknown. Chillingly, even arson was being suspected — this was a long-term problem, and there was nothing that a child like me could do, so what we discussed today was also the most pressing question at the moment, which was to say, ‘where we were to sleep tonight’.

We had nothing like relatives on whom we could rely on living nearby so, of course, there should have been no room for discussion at all, and we should make our way to the nearest hotel — but this in itself was a problem to the Hanekawa family.

It was the biggest problem, or, you could say, the only problem.

We had not slept together in the same room for a considerably long time.

I of course slept in the hall, and even though they were husband and wife, they had separate bedrooms. A hotel room would already be quite expensive, and we would need to have a second and third —

“I’ll be all right. I’ll stay at a friend’s place.”

Before the discussion could become too involved, I said this.

I announced,

“It’s a good chance for the two of you to have some alone time together, as a couple.”

I said, having already understood that my doing this, not out of principle but because of how I truly felt, was due to my terrible inhumanity — during Golden Week, I realized that this was what’s wrong with me.

I did not want to spend the night in the same room as these two.

Though I clearly understood that this was how I felt, I prioritized it as lowly as I could — I knew,

just how unnatural that was.

It was barely within the scope of humanity that I could think of this fire as a ‘good chance’.

That was what Araragi-kun and Oshino-san taught me.

That was my lesson.

Of course, I stood where I was right now, not having made the best of said lesson at all — but I felt that I should return the two of them to how they should be.

I get that feeling.

It would be fine if I could just give those two one last chance before I become an adult, after which they intended to immediately divorce.

So I thought.

Taking everything into account, it would taken several months to rebuild our completely burnt house, so in the few weeks until they can rent a house, with the fifteen years the two of them have had together — things might work out.

I think so.

I get that thought.

I want to think so.

The two consented readily.

They did not stop me from staying at a friend’s place. In fact, they were clearly delighted that I suggested it myself.

Well, but of course.

The two of them together alone was better than the three of us together alone, so perhaps they were thankful for this fire, in terms of how it got rid of a nuisance for them.

They were delighted by what I had done.

I myself must be quite insane to find happiness in that.



tomodachi to shabetteru sono ko no egao wa amari ni karen de
sono sugata wa omoi egaita manga no HIROIN no you da
hitome mite koi ni ochita
HONKI no HONKI de sukininatta
でもね 僕の容姿じゃ
demo ne, boku no mitekure ja
kitto kiwareteshimau

Her smile as she talked with her friends was just so sweet
She was like the heroine of a manga I pictured
I fell in love at first sight
I really like her so much
But with the way I look
She’ll definitely hate me

ほらまただ くすくす笑う声
hora mata da, kusukusu warau koe
いいんだ そんなの慣れっこだから
iin da, sonnano narekko dakara
忘れてしまえ だけど胸は張り裂けそうだ
wasureteshimae, dakedo mune wa harisake sou da

There, they’re giggling again
It’s all right, I’ve gotten used to that
Just forget it – though it splits open my heart

shounen wa soshite deau
sore wa kitto guuzen nanka janakute negatta
kimi ni deaemasu you ni
nanmankai datte negaou
itsuka kanarazu!
keredo hito wa sonna kiseki
shinjirareru wake ga nai to itta

The boy’s chance meeting will come
Praying that it definitely wasn’t a coincidence
Please let me meet with you
He’ll wish however many thousand times it takes
One day, for sure!
But people will never believe in
A miracle like that – so it’s said

shoujotachi wa sasayaita
“ano ko sakki kara kocchi miteru
なんなのあれ 気味悪いわ
nanno are, kimiwarui wa
chikadzukanai de, NEKURA-san”
sumimasen sonna tsumori ja……
utsumuku boku ni kanojo no koe
“watashi wa kono hito shitteru!”
周りは唖然 僕も呆然
mawari wa azen, boku mo bouzen

The girls were whispering
“He’s been looking this way for a while now.
What’s with him? It’s creeping me out.
What a sad kid – don’t come too close.”
Sorry, I didn’t mean that……
I looked down, and her voice came to me
“I know him!”
Everyone’s amazed, I’m in a daze

「見ちゃったんだな あの机の絵をね
“michattanda, ano tsukue no e wo ne
zenbu KIMI ga kaitetarisuruno?”
aa! mata warawareru
dakedo KIMI wa
“aa iu no suki nan desu”

“I saw them – those drawings in your desk
You drew all that?”
Aah! I’m just getting laughed at again
But you –
” – like that sort of thing”

shounen wa soshite deau
tatoe nanoku nanman kounen hanareteiyou ga sa
zettai hikareau kara
soko ni donna shougai ga attemo
sore wo unmei to yobu nara
kare wa masa ni HIRO da

The boy’s chance meeting will come
No matter how many millions and thousands of light-years away he is
They will always be drawn to one another
No matter what obstacles are in his way –
If surpassing them
Is what you call fate
Then he is truly a hero!

dakedo sono hi boku wa mitanda
hitori me wo harashinaku KIMI wo
boku wa nante muryoku nandarou
いいや 彼女は何て言った?
iiya, kanojo wa nanteitta?
疑うな 自分の存在を
utagau na, jibun no sonzai wo
shoujo wa sukui wo matteiru

But I saw that day
When you cried your eyes out, alone
I’m just so powerless
No! What did she say?
Don’t doubt your own existence
The girl’s waiting to be saved!

“tsuyogari de HONTO wa nakimushi de
えっとこれって まるで私みたい」
etto korette marude watashi mitai”
yatto waratta! yorokobu boku no mae de
porori porori to nakidasu kanojo
doushitara ii?!
KIMI wa ittanda
“arigatou” tte

“She acts strong, but she’s actually a crybaby –
Umm, isn’t this, like, me?”
Finally, she laughed! As I celebrated –
Her tears came flowing out and out
Huh, what should I do?!
You said it –
“Thank you”

shounen wa KIMI to deai
ikiru imi wo shirunda
嘘じゃない ホントさ
uso ja nai, HONTO sa
soshite KIMI wo mamoru NAITO ni naru
itsuka kitto ne
kare no hidarite ni wa kanojo no migite
gyutto nigitte hanashi wa shinai kara

The boy came across you
And understood the meaning of his life
I’m not lying, it’s true!
And so, he will become the Knight who protects you
And one day
His left hand will grasp her right hand
Tightly, never letting go

soshite boku wa KIMI ni deau

And so, I came across you

Infinite Love

Heard it again by chance, and it all came back. Now with the bonus imagery of a rock star Stiyl.

Lyrics / Vocal: Taniyama Kishou
Composition / Arrangement / Guitar: Iidzuka Masaaki

この広く深い宇宙を さまよい歩く迷子達
誰もがたった一人を探している そんな無垢な心のdesign
きっといつか見つけ出すだろう この想いが

kono hiroku fukai uchuu wo samayoi aruku maigotachi
daremo ga tatta hitori wo sagashiteiru, sonna muku na kokoro no design
unmei to iu nakusenu kyori wa futari tsunagaru tame no kizuna
kitto itsuka mitsukedasu darou, kono omoi ga

In this vast deep universe wandered the ones who lost their way
Everyone is searching for simply another – such a pure heart’s design
The irreplaceable distance called ‘fate’ is the bond for the sake of connecting the two of us
I’ll surely find it some day – this emotion


たどり着けたら 永遠を誓おう

anata ni au tame ni Chasin’
ikusen no hoshitachi wo koete
anata wo yobu koe ga Callin’
tadoritsuketara, eien wo chikaou

I kept chasin’ so I can meet you
Across thousands of stars
Right now
I’m callin’ out for you
If I can reach you, I would pledge eternity

胸を奏でる旋律が 情熱の炎を揺らす
誰もが愛し合う他に何ができる そんな無垢な心はdesire
今大いなる輝きの中 何を迷う事があるだろう
Go my way, Go your way
見つけ出して あきらめより早く

mune wo kanaderu senritsu ga jyounetsu no honoo wo yurasu
daremo ga aishiau hoka ni nani ga dekiru, sonna muku na kokoro wa desire
ima ooinaru kagayaki no naka, nani wo mayou koto ga aru darou
Go my way, Go your way
mitsukedashite, akirame yori hayaku

The melody strummed in my chest shakes the flames of passion
What can anyone do, but love one another? – Such a pure heart is desire
Right now, within this great brilliance, aren’t there things to be confused about?
Go my way, Go your way
I’ll figure it out, before I give up

めぐり逢えたら 未来さえあげよう

anata ni au tame ni Chasin’
ubaitoru you ni dakishimeru
anata wo yobu koe ga Callin’
meguriaetara, mirai sae ageyou

I kept chasin’ so I can meet you
Snatch you up, and hold you so tight
This whole time
I’m callin’ out for you
If we can meet, I would even give my future


anata ni au tame ni Chasin’
meguriau kiseki wa kienai
anata wo yobu koe ga Callin’
futari no sekai wa kudakenai

I kept chasin’ so I can meet you
Our miracle of a meeting won’t disappear
I’m callin’ out for you
The world of the two of us won’t break


たどり着けたら 永遠を誓おう

anata ni au tame ni Chasin’
ikusen no hoshitachi wo koete
anata wo yobu koe ga Callin’
tadoritsuketara, eien wo chikaou

I kept chasin’ so I can meet you
Across thousands of stars
Right now
I’m callin’ out for you
If I can reach you, I would pledge eternity