It was a starry night. They sat on the ledge of the roof, next to a telescope.

“Henrietta,” called out the man, reaching out with his right hand. “Come here.”

The girl took his hand, looking at him curiously, and was shocked when he drew her close and embraced her.

“You are very warm, Henrietta…”

He trailed off.

“I am a cold person…”

The girl looked up at him and smiled.

“But you’re always so gentle and warm to me, Giose…”

“That’s not true.”

The girl opened her eyes. She was lying on a white bed.

“Let us hear your name.”

“Henrietta… Prothestic Cybernetics Trial Subject XA14-03.”

Her expression did not change. She did not lift even a finger.

“My handler is Gioseffo Croce. I…

I swear loyalty to the Social Welfare Agency.”

The doctor walked with Giose down the corridor.

“Her conditioning has been reset. Everything has been sealed away, except for the necessary segments.”

Having opened the door to the room, he turned to face Giose.

Un soldato robot, in the guise of a young girl.”

In the room was a square white table. Henrietta was in the chair at the opposite end. Giose sat down, facing to the side and away from the girl.

“Good afternoon, Mr Gioseffo.”

He did not answer her question, or look at her.

“Please, give me an order.”

Wordlessly, Giose took out a pistol from the inside of his coat and tossed it onto the table. It spun to a stop before Henrietta.

“Explain what this is.”

“The Five-seven pistol by Fabrique Nationale. It uses 5.7x28mm catridges loaded in 20-round magazines. It is the designated sidearm of the P90, but I cannot wield it with the size of my hand. I was trained to use the SIG P239 with its single-column magazine.”

Giose continued to avert his gaze.

“Then… how about the myth of Orion?”

“I was not educated regarding the constellations.”

The girl answered quietly.

“Will that be necessary knowledge for my missions?”

At last, Giose turned his head and looked at the girl.

“No, you were right. It won’t be necessary.”



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