Tsubasa Family

“The hindering cat – it’s no good.”

“Wha, What do you mean?”

“The wound you received from the cat’s hindering – from being touched, it’s not just normal damage. Don’t touch the cat if you don’t want to get cursed. Okay, how about this. Araragi-kun, do you know what ‘energy drain’ is?”

“Energy drain…”

I’ve heard of it before.

Well, then again, it’s mostly just trivia from anime or manga, so it’s not like I know it well –

“But, wait, isn’t energy drain the special characteristic of vampires? In the first place, the act of sucking blood is for exploiting the life-force of a human being; that’s what I heard during spring break, I think -”

“That’s exactly it. But, it’s not like the vampires patented it or anything – I guess you can call it soul hindrance. It’s not like it’s used to create more of the family, so compared to the vampire’s version the implications are slightly off. As it were, this is the original skill of the hindering cat.”

“Huh – so when my left arm was torn apart, at the same time, even my immortality was torn apart -”

So that’s why my recovery was slow.

That’s why the evaporation of the blood leaving my body was slow.

It was bad compatibility.

The abilities – they fitted together, and they were different.

障り猫 sawari neko – hindering cat
障り sawari – hinder
触り sawari – touch

霊障 reishou – soul hindrance

触らぬ神に祟り無し sawaranu kami ni tatari nashi – don’t touch the gods if you don’t want to be cursed (“let sleeping dogs lie”)
触らぬ猫に祟り無し sawaranu neko ni tatari nashi – don’t touch the cat if you don’t want to be cursed

(…Half a page of exposition, and this sums up why I think a translation shouldn’t be attempted on these novels.)



  1. ehtan

    yes they do a lot of Japanese puns, but even use spelling them out like you just did is good enough.

    i am more than willing to put up with 10 or so authors notes per chapter if it means i get to read this incredible story.

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