Time Travel Paranoia

“Hey, you. The one over there. Are you watching us?

…Why aren’t you answering? You’re listening in, right? Yeah you, the one on the other side of this monitor.

Hah. You got an idiot look on your face. Boring bastard.

You’re watching us, thinking that we’re inside a monitor, right? Heh, that’s a big mistake.

You’re the one in the monitor. The reality that you think you’re in is actually a fabrication. Of course, that means you as well.

The true reality, is on this side.

You don’t even understand what the thing being pointed out about you is. That’s not unreasonable.

That’s fine. I should explain who we are in a way you can easily understand.

First, would be where we are right now. This is Tokyo, in the Future Gadget Research Institute in Akibahabara. We normally call it ‘the Lab’. Reconstructing the ruling structure of the world is the basis of my ambition.”

“Oooh, I see. But you shouldn’t do bad things, Okarin.”

“Mayuri, shut up for a sec.”


“Why were you talking to yourself in the first place, Okarin?”

“I’m not talking to myself. Can’t you tell? Right now, I’m talking to this guy on the other side of this monitor.”

“Ah, that person just grinned!”

“Damn you, what’re you laughing at, you bastard?! You only exist in a monitor!”

“Why do you try telling him, ‘stop looking at me’?”

“Would that really work?”

“Looks like he hasn’t even noticed that we’re talking to him. Truly, it is a misfortune to not be self-aware.”

“Maybe, for that person, we look like a game?”

“Doesn’t that mean he doesn’t even have a concept of what’s reality or what’s a game?”

“Well, are those 2D girls Daru-kun like so much like that too?”

“That’s different. They’re my wives.”

“I don’t give a damn about Daru and his wives.”

“But Mayushi just brought up a very interesting topic. Let’s just say that we’re living in a game; you think there’d be a way we can be sure of that?”

“Not really.”

“You can instantly answer that?”

“Therefore, it is an unproductive theory. It is much more meaningful to think about methods to crush the ruling structure of the world.”

“Nice. Chuunibyou.”


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