Time Travel Paranoia

“You messaged me something like that a week ago, didn’t you?”

“A message? From me?

That’s ridiculous! I saw Makise Kurisu get killed, just three hours ago!”

“Excuse me. Can you not just kill me off like that? I’m just fine.”

“Now that you mention it, that message felt weird. The send time and date was one week later. It came from the future or something.”

“From the future?”

“Did you see some weird speculation sites online, Daru? It’s rare to hear ridiculous theories from you.”

“That’s not it. I’m sure the date was one week later, it was, uh, 28th… oh, right. 28th, that’s today!”

Flustered, Daru fiddled with his cellphone and let me see it.

That’s definitely the message I sent to Daru.

Receiving time and date was July 21st, 12:56.

Sending time and date was… July 28th, 12:54.

There were three messages.

The first: “Makise Kurisu was”

The second: “stabbed by a man”

The third: “I think. A man”

Why did I split this short message and sent it as three?

And the three messages looked like they were disconnected half-way through.

I don’t have any memory of sending these short messages.

But I remember the contents.

“This… is the message I sent to you three hours ago.”

But that message was long. It wasn’t sent as three messages, and there was still more to it.

And this reached Daru’s cellphone one week ago on the 21st?

“This is very interesting…”

I don’t know when she came over, but Makise was next to me, also staring into the cellphone with a serious expression.

Right, forget the message! No, I shouldn’t forget the message, but forget it for now!

More importantly, why is she still all right?! That’s the number one question!

Is this an illusion?! No, some evil spirit?! Is it a curse?!

I won’t believe any unscientific phenomena like that! I’m a mad scientist, after all!

I fearfully reached towards the side of the face of Makise, standing right beside me.

I touched her hair, with my fingertips.

It was a silky touch. Actually, it was the cuticula.

“There… it’s, a physical entity. So I really did think too much with the ghost thing…”


“Okarin… isn’t that bad…?”

I tried slapping Makise’s cheeks, and pricking them with my fingers.

What softness. The tension of the skin is wrong. A corpse wouldn’t be like this. No, I haven’t even touched a corpse’s skin before.


Anyway, in the beginning when we were about to crash into each other, I touched her shoulder, and this girl threw her hand out.

Even thinking for an instant that she might not be a physical entity; that was just proof of my own confusion.


Wounds. Were there or were there not wounds on the body of the Makise Kurisu before me.

I have to be sure of that.

Grabbing the edge of her shirt, I began to lift it up slowly –

“Do you want to get thrown out by the police?”

“…I just want to know the truth.”

Looking straight back into the gaze of Makise Kurisu, who shook with anger, I lifted the edge of her shirt even higher –

“What ‘truth’, you pervert! Are you stupid? Do you want to die?!”

She slapped my hand down.

“Louise-chan’s famous line ktkr!”



  1. Cruor

    This is something stupid (and I’m just saying because I wanna confirm if it really is it) but isn’t ‘Kurisu’ supposed to be translated as ‘Chris’? I’ve found figma’s and stuff that translated it as such and it made sense in story context (Kurisu is from America) so I want to know if that’s what they were intending.

    Well, even if I do say that, I’m kinda already used to Kurisu.

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