Mayoi Jiangshi

Anyway, I was called here, Ononoki-chan answered.

The way she said it made it seem like something trivial.

Like it was nothing more than an explanation.

“Though maybe I should say I was dispatched. Just as a shikigami. Not knowing any of the details. I don’t really have too much interest in what I’ll be fighting against. You may trust me, but I won’t show mercy even to women and children if I’m ordered to destroy.”


Why did she say only that one word in a harsh way?

She even sounded as though she wasn’t used to saying it.

Of course, if she uses her killing move, the”Unlimited Rulebook”, she probably could “destroy” most of her enemies.

“…Well, whatever. Anyway, I don’t know what you’re doing on whose orders, but don’t destroy my city too much.”

“Okay. Onee-chan isn’t here this time, so you don’t need to worry.”

“I’m not too sure about that kind of guarantee, either.”

“By the way,”


“How about you, Demon Onii-chan? Where’s your Mistress? No, I guess right now, you’re the Master, not that I really know… anyway, that… um,”

“Oh. You mean Shinobu.”

I said this, guessing.

While glancing at my shadow.

“Right now, Shinobu’s sleeping. We’re a two-man cell now. Course, not that we can help being a set…”

“I see.”

She nodded expressionlessly.

It seemed clear though that Ononoki-chan was deeply, deeply relieved. That, at least, I knew for certain. Kagenui-san did some horrible things to me, but Shinobu did some horrible things to Ononoki-chan…

Neither of them said anything, but it had caused some terrible trauma.

“Well, it’s not like I’m afraid of that fake vampire at all.”


It’s cute how she acts brave.



  1. rerma212

    I’m little confused, this is chapter 16 next to chapter 15 that Baka-tsuki translated or not? Or this is the 1st chapter of kabukimonogatari?

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