3\ Formal hunt.

I hope arai doesn’t mind, but this scene is just really kinda awesome.

Drawing the Beretta from her left holster, she shot the left shoulder of the girl.

The firing hammer fell. The girl leaped. The two sounds occurred at nearly the same time. The girl jumped off the bed like a piece of firework, and the bullet fruitlessly pierced the wall —

At nearly the same time, the shotgun aimed at the ceiling was fired.

“Kya — !”

The white dress, mixed with splinters, fell with a thud. Still, she was unhurt.

If the one aiming had no good sense, then the one avoiding had no common sense, either. As she jumped towards the ceiling, the girl forcibly changed her course from the ceiling to the wall. The reason she fell to the floor was because she was hit by splinters broken off by the shotgun.

“Ow — what’s with you? Geez.”

The girl rose while drawing out the wooden splinters.

Without warning, her left shoulder was hit with a bang.

The first red stain seeped through the white dress.

” — Heh.”

Mixing the blood with her fingers, she stuck out her tongue and licked it. The girl, looking as though in indifference at the woman with pistol ready,

“That’s a bit much. Why the bad manner all of a sudden, grandma?”

The wooden fragment in her hand was thrown right at the middle of Touma Mato’s forehead.

A third gunshot.

The count itself was already meaningless.

The bullet at the third count mercilessly shot through the girl.

At this time. The recognition that each of the two grew to have for the other was dreadfully in disagreement.

The girl threw the wooden fragment with the intent to kill.

The wooden fragment, thrown with just a snap of the wrist, was pulverized by Touma Mato’s bullet, and at the same time, six more penetrated the girl’s body.

In order to silence the target, Touma Mato rapidly fired the shotgun two, three times, released it, drew another automatic pistol from its holster, and continued her volley for about three seconds altogether.

To the girl, Touma Mato was simply a wooden puppet,

and to Touma Mato, the girl was nothing more than another one demon-possessed.

As they were, they should have already noticed at this point that the one before their eyes was on a different level.

However, the two were simply too different in their classification as living beings, and they also had absolutely no intent to understand one another.

In other words, they were the worst match, in terms of ability and in terms of mentality.

Until the dust finally settles, it will occur to neither of them how the other was their “worst enemy”.

” — Ha…!”

The girl, having already taken close to nine bullets, still did not fall. The white dress alone seemed to be screaming, stained by crimson blotches.

“Not, bad — !”

Was perhaps the dirtying of her dress more unforgivable than the wounding of her body?

With a voice of irritation, the girl assaulted Touma Mato.


Scattering wooden fragments.

Gunfire again.

The girl’s violence continued to be avoided, and the 9mm lead bullets continued to find their mark. As she swung in vain, the level of the girl’s violence rose. Fifty kilos, one hundred kilos, and now, she can even mow down a pillar.

So many bullets fired,

so much violence used,

and terrifyingly, there has still not been a single telling blow.

” — ”

Who was it that clicked her tongue at the unchanging situation?

The girl fluttered her bloodstained dress.

Touma Mato placed her trusted, emptied gun on the floor.

A moment of stillness. Before the girl jumping towards her, Touma Mato kicked up the shotgun cast aside on the floor with the tip of her feet. A slug exploded out — Impossible. The girl lightly jumped to the side at a speed her eyes could not grasp.

It scrapped her. The shot just barely cut at one of the girl’s arms, and only blew away the wall.

Was it by Touma Mato’s discretion or an incredible coincidence that the survivor on the bed was not caught by this?

Concerned with her meal on top of the bed, the girl jumped outside through the pulverized wall. Without a care for the flying blood and flesh, no sooner had she descended onto the roof that she tore off the window frame.

Perhaps she had realized that she wouldn’t make any headway bare-handed. At any rate, she seemed to be trying to use anything suitable as a weapon.

” — What a lunatic. The shotgun won’t hit it.”

The initial motion of the shotgun was too large. If she could avoid it at this distance, a hit would require a great deal of preparation.

Releasing the shotgun, Touma Mato moved to the knocked-down wall while changing the magazines of her two pistols, and at long last turned her attention to the one requiring assistance.

“Sorry. I’m late in saying this, but this is the police. I’m going to catch that thing, so you wait there.”

She jumped across to the neighboring roof with pistols in hand.

Touma Mato had another four magazines concealed. Each magazine had sixteen rounds for a total of sixty-four rounds. Against a monster who kept her original form even after dozens of shots, it was a somewhat unreliable amount of firepower.



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