3\ Formal hunt.


What greeted Touma Mato as she charged into the second floor of the neighboring house was an old CD player.


She promptly avoided the electronic device that swung down on her.

A charming voice, and a steel arm reminiscent of a loading shovel. It was a scene that would cause doubt in one’s own eyes. At the edge of the CD player that was the size of a small sandbag, the girl’s five fingers were dug in. It was no longer a consumer appliance. It was a giant consumer blunt weapon capable of murder.

“And here I coooome!”

The slash was unleashed at an incredible speed and angle.

Avoiding it by a hair’s breadth, Touma Mato destroyed the CD player with a bullet.

But it did not end. Beyond the shattered pieces of the device, the girl reached out for the next ‘weapon’.

— She no longer needed to search. The girl’s new function was the overwhelming performance of the humanoid ‘animal’.

Muscle strength and instantaneous force which defy common sense.

Heat capacity and reaction time which transcend providence.

Stoutness of body and metabolic function which terrorize reality.

With that level of performance, any sort of personal property can become a brutal murder weapon.

The scene that would cause doubt in one’s own eyes turned into a hell that would cause one to hide those eyes.

From the desk to the books, from writing utensils to even the plugs. The cluster of dozens, hundreds of items became Touma Mato’s enemy.

An immense amount of weapons. An overwhelming difference in the level of violence.

How can this be fought against with just two pistols?

To the girl, this typical somebody’s room was nothing but an abundant armory. The girl was a mixer of murder. Anything entering this room would be mercilessly slaughtered using every kind of furniture.

……No. It should be slaughtered.

” — Huh?”

Within that tempest, Touma Mato survived.

At times advancing, dodging, kicking, shooting, stealing. She destroyed every last one of the weapons that the girl took up.

If one were to speak only the bare fact.

The girl’s violence, regardless of what it tried to use as a weapon, was utterly ineffective against Touma Mato.

“You — !”

The girl shouted with irritation and incomprehension.

This room was no good. There were no more usable weapons.

From the room seemingly belonging to a young man, she kicked down the wall and moved into the next room.

Good, she discovered a new weapon. Touma Mato pursued her. The girl picked up the rugged traveling case, turned back at high speed, and protected herself from the bullets.

The case hid only her face. Her body or limbs did not matter as long as her head was not crushed. All the same, if she were hit any more than this her bodily functions would deteriorate, but that was better than the cessation of vital activity.

She was fired at in rapid succession without mercy.

However, with something of this level, the girl had a chance.

— This time, she will kill for sure.

When the two pistols ran out of ammunition, at the same time, the girl kicked the case. With that monstrous leg power, she fired the case at Touma Mato.

The case became a liner and approached Touma Mato’s face.

It was an unexpected and unavoidable attack reaching the limit of a human being.

A human being would not be able to dodge it, and Touma Mato is a human being.

Thus. With the same motion, she kicked it back.


The liner reflected, becoming a laser.

The girl jumped to the wall with her hyper-reflex, and Touma Mato used this opening to complete her reload.

By the time she realized it, it was already too late.

Using the traveling case was too optimistic. A weapon really is all about size, thought the girl as she reached out to the bed — and her nails were shot out by Touma Mato’s precision shooting.

“Tch — !”

Once again, she broke the wall and went outside. This armory being still not enough, the girl dove into yet another neighboring house. Touma Mato chased after her, breathing steadily.

The bloodstained girl, and the unwounded Touma Mato.

In terms of damage received Touma Mato had been overwhelming, but it cannot be mistaken.

The battle was as yet in overwhelming favor of the girl.

Touma Mato is a normal person. If she is hit, she will fall. If she is cut, she will die. On the other hand, the girl will not die. As long as she has a head, she will continue to move. Aware of this, the girl constantly protected her head with her right arm, swinging the furniture with only her left arm. Paradoxically, she was full of openings, yet she had none.

“– This is Touma. Notify Vehicle 2. The target is moving towards Block 1, prepare to open fire. This isn’t something one person can handle. If I don’t contact you in five minutes, assume I have died a martyr and place yourselves under the command of Inspector Tamura afterwards.”

As she communicated, she changed magazines.

This is the last magazine. If it is expended, she will be killed. She will render the target powerless before that.

“……Well, I should aim for the head, but,”

Touma Mato had long realized that that part was the only thing about the girl that was like a living being.

Thus, she did not aim for it. She will capture it alive.

Even that thing wasn’t immortal. The more its body was hit, the duller its movements became. In which case — she will become docile if her limbs are shredded as a final measure.

There would be no need to worry about her death at that time. After all. That thing won’t die unless it’s head is crushed, and its body itself is the proof.


One comment

  1. GJS

    It was an unexpected and unavoidable attack reaching the limit of a human being.

    A human being would not be able to dodge it, and Touma Mato is a human being.

    Thus. With the same motion, she kicked it back.

    <—- This, sir, was the most manly thing I read in days. On top of that, Touma is a woman.

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