The title in English would be… “Deusless”, maybe?

Kill the crows when they multiply
And knock off the monkeys when they multiply
But the pandas die before they multiply
But still people only know how to multiply

We’re always praying to God
But one day we realize
Yeah, like God can notice us
Who do we think we are

I’ve never seen Him
Just saw pictures here and there
But all the Gods that listen to us
Every single one of them looks like us

Coincidence or a nod from destiny
Or just letting your pen wander free
Here and there oh but where’s here
Man what’s up with da Vinci?

But so what if we have a next world, what if we don’t
Why does it matter if we’re reborn, if we’re not
People only do what they want, say it’ll work out, over and over
They stand up high, right at the top, say it out loud, He is here

If I could decide and do everything as God
I won’t bother trying to make the world in 7 days
I’ll slow down, take my time, have a proper plan
Even if I hurry and rush it, cut it and paste it, make it and break it

They multiple and die, die and multiply
Ignore it, why not, just one more time?
Put out a ‘?’, don’t matter if you already know
“Talk to me. Listen. Why oh why.”

‘Cause the lot of us are idiots
But then we already know that
That’s why you knock us off in 1, 2, 3
Really, just do it

Idiots don’t wise up until they die, you can’t help it
We can make it big in the next life, wait, then what about this one
So make excess, then make a mess, turn it all into a stupid mess
So make it end, then don’t let it end, leave everything without an end

So what, what if we screw up, there’s still tomorrow
Why not, just throw it out, there’s always next time
Nevertheless still but though although yet so what do we do
Whatever we say, whatever we do, it’s all no good

Then what should we do? Where should we face
If we can’t be here, or elsewhere, then where ought we be

But so what if we have a next world, what if we don’t
Why does it matter if we’re reborn, if we’re not
So what if we go to Heaven or burn in Hell
Not up, not down, but  there’s always a way, to the side


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