Gunslinger Girl 13 : Chapter 74

As mentioned, I will be working on Gunslinger Girl using tankoubon raws, beginning with Volume 13, though I’m considering concurrently working on Volume 11 as well. For now, I’ll put them on the blog for (my) convenience’s sake.

The raws came from the usual sources. The cleaning, typesetting and translating (obviously) were all me. I started reading this title again several months ago from Volume 12, and I was completely drawn in by Volume 13. On a whim, I decided to look at some of the scanlations and what I found was, to be frank, shoddy translation work.

But I do not intend to translate the latest chapters via magazine scans; as I see it, if it’s to be done, it might as well be done pretty, so I will work only with tankoubon scans for this. The series deserves that much, in my opinion.

I am also not ‘replacing’ any existing translations or scanlations or what have you. I’m just here to post something I worked on. I worked on it because I enjoyed it and would like to share it as best I could.

That being said, enjoy, and comment if you have suggestions, etc.



  1. rin

    well, the manga about to end anyway, so we wont have to wait that long
    i expect the magazine will conclude this year, and the tank will out maybe spring next year

    anyway, keep up the good work! tank scans is always apreciated
    I myself own the series up to volume 12 i think

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