Gunslinger Girl 13 : Chapter 75

I particularly wanted to do this chapter because a) Triela is my favourite character (who has a pretty major part throughout this volume anyway) and b) it’s a quiet chapter focusing purely on how some of the characters are finding their own peace of mind – or at least, trying to.

Enjoy, and comment if you have suggestions, etc.


* In case it’s unclear, I’ll be using ‘Second Class’ to refer to Petra and the new cyborgs.

* I’m rendering his name as ‘Gian’ and not ‘Jean’ because it seems to make more sense considering their father’s name, ‘Giovanni’.



  1. Ray

    Whether you intended to replace existing scans or not lol, I will be replacing the ones in my collection with these much better scans. Thank you for your work 🙂

  2. Scruffy

    I noticed that you’ve seemed to translate this chapter differently to the scantilated version I’ve seen. In the discussion with Triela and Hirscher I thought Triela asked him if he wouldn’t do to her what was done to Henrietta and just let her die.

    • CanonRap

      If you go back to my blurb before 74, you’ll see this is part of why I’m working on this: the existing translation just leaves something to be desired.

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