No more Otori

OK. I’m calling it. I hate myself for doing it, but I’m dropping everything on Otorimonogatari.

No, it is not because of Tera. I gamed more ferociously during Neko White.

“My job is about words and writing them for 8 hours straight, so I don’t want to do it after work” sounds like a good excuse on paper, but I had no problem reading literally anything but Otori in my free time, and I write stuff in English for a living because I actively enjoy it.

I was tempted to call this a “hiatus” but a hiatus of any length would overrun my schedule of finishing Otori in June-July, ie. when the anime airs, at which point I will have close to zero interest in working on any of the Second Season novels. So if I decide to pause now, I might as well call it what it is.

Most importantly… it was really, really exhausting to work on Otori. The book isn’t easy to work with in any case, and the last few chapters I worked on just feel so weak and empty. Very shoddy work even by my standards. And it was only after doing the recent excerpts that I realised, damn it, I am not enjoying myself at all with my primary project.

Really, if I’m not even motivated to work on it, whatever I do manage to put out isn’t going to be very high quality either.

I know this is really selfish on my part. I know I put out an actual deadline for completion of Otori not long ago. Otori was an obligation I created for myself when I announced that I was going to do another Monogatari novel. I admit that, and I apologise for it. But at this point, and at this pace, forget the airing of the anime, it’s doubtful whether I would ever finish it. So rather than drag it out for ages, I will be starting over with something else.



  1. elenrod

    Sad to hear that, but I have a dim understanding of what you’re going through (I seem to be on an extended writing hiatus now–good thing I work on my own schedule.)

    Will still await your next project, whenever and whatever you want that to be.

  2. Shriek

    I’m sad to hear that you’re dropping Otori, but I don’t blame you at all. If you’re not enjoying something you’re doing and it causes a quality drop, there’s not much point doing it. It’s when you do something that you like that you give your absolute best, and I hope that whatever your next project is that you really enjoy it and put out some high quality translations 🙂

  3. readfag

    Sad to hear, but totally understandable. At lest you are decisive enough to drop it, unlike a certain myself who just procrastinates to buggery, heh.

  4. victorrama

    It’s really sad to hear that since Monogatari is one of the series with few translator…
    But I can understand your feeling.
    It’s no use to continue doing something you don’t enjoy.
    I will still be waiting for whatever your next project is. I hope you will enjoy your next work.
    Thanks for all otorimonogatari TL you’ve done till now.

  5. Pold10

    Thanks for all you have done til’ now, if you don’t enjoy translating otori anymore, nobody can blame you, sad but still you gave us great time with your translations 😀 Keep the hard work.

  6. Kevin

    DAMMMMMMMNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!! Well how you feel is how you feel. No one can ask any more of you than that. You’ve done a wonderful job! No worries! The most important thing is to be happy in life… Cause you get no do-overs! 😉

  7. ShizukuErisuFan

    It is pretty understandable that monogatari series are not easy to work with. I myself is currently translating Koimonogatari (to my native language, not English though), and find it rather hard to swallow at times, but calling it a shoddy work.. isn’t that too much? Anyway, thanks for translating NekomonogatarWhite. ^^

  8. theultimatebaka

    I’m not crying….. I’m not crying at all 😥 … Can’t blame you though. It’s not like we can force you. Thanks for all the hard work. But it wouldn’t be a problem if you continued even after the anime’s out cause monogatari is more about thoughts, conversations and emotions and the anime just cam’t capture all of that.

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