(Rough) Tsubasa Family

“Helping out a friend when they’re in trouble – isn’t that natural?”

That’s what I said.

I said this, while thinking back to the hindering cat, and the conversation that couldn’t be called a conversation.

“Hm. Those aren’t your words, Araragi-kun – those are the words of Iinchou-chan. How did it go again? If I can’t die for the sake of that person, I can’t be called a friend – was it? It’s like Iinochou-chan got her values from the Three Kingdoms period. Even if the day we were born are different, at the least, we will swear to die at the same time, in the same place – like that, right? If she’d lived in that time period, she might’ve been a great general.”

“…Don’t compare a girl to a general.”

“But you see, Araragi-kun, that’s impossible.”

Flatly, plainly.

Oshino Meme spoke, like an ultimatum.

“You can’t do things the same way as Iinchou-chan – even I can’t. No one can. Nobody can do things the way Iinchou-chan does.”

You must realise this now.

With a slump – Oshino put his hand on my shoulder once again, and continued.

“It’s natural to help friends out when they’re in trouble; that might be true. But naturally doing things just because they’re the natural thing to do, is the domain of the chosen few. For an average person like you, or a banal man like me, it can’t be done. You admire Iinchou-chan, you want to repay her, you want to imitate her; I can understand all these feelings. But – you can’t actually do it.”

“Can’t – do it?”

“It’s a forbidden game.”

Oshino said.

“That girl is more abnormal than those abnormalities. More monstrous than monsters. You’ll get hurt if you try to carelessly imitate her.”

“What do you mean, imitate – that’s not what I’m saying, Oshino -”

That’s what I’m saying. Well, let’s put aside the mental debate.”

Oshino moved his hand from my shoulder to my head.

Just like.

An adult stroking the head of a child.


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